Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DIVERGENT Inspired Dauntless Bracelet and More

Divergent Inspired Dauntless bracelet tutorial

Remember yesterday I mentioned that there would be more Divergent inspiration around here today?! Two of my blogger friends are also fans of the book and excited for the movie, so we decided to each do a creative project and share them together...

See them all at the bottom of this post! But first...

Divergent Inspired Dauntless bracelet tutorial
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So, it goes without saying that this boy mama isn't so much a jewelry maker. But I have dabbled in it very little and do actually enjoy it, especially when what I try actually turns out! At the risk of proving that I really am a silly fan girl, I have to share the specific inspiration for this bracelet before we go any further...

And I'm totally blushing right now, but yes, I did buy the People magazine that was all about the movie coming out this weekend- ha! I had to spend the day alone at our store recently and bought it hoping to kill some time.

One of the last of those glossy pages is a spread about Dauntless style and this red wire bracelet above is included. To be sure, I would choose Abnegation. I'm a security first kind of gal. :) But, I really liked this bracelet! I knew that even my non-jewelry-maker self could create something similar.

What do ya think- did it come pretty close? No matter what, I really am happy with how this turned out! And it, like pretty much everything I do, was super simple.

To make one too, you'll need coiled wire- I grabbed this 20 gauge because it was black and saved me from having to spray paint that part at all. I would've liked something a little heavier, but it worked :) Also, you'll need a package of cord ends. There were no color choices for those, so I grabbed red spray paint too.

And made the coils red! The inspiration was all one color, but I liked the idea of a little difference between these coils and the band portion.

It did take three coats, turning the coils to get all sides, for them to be done. I used a plastic fork to turn them over and to pick them up when dry.

And here's the part where I also get to prove my occasional stupidity... these cord ends come in two styles- some with a loop on the end and some without. I could've totally saved myself the step of having to clip the loop end off with wire cutters had I have only painted the plain coil pieces- I just dumped a bunch out and didn't look close enough!

Anyhow, so once your coils are dry and ready, clip off as much wire for the band as you like. If I'd really followed the magazine picture, I probably would've used the entire mess of wire! But I didn't want it quite so thick.

After clipping, used a pair of small round nose pliers (really, any work) to create a loop in one end of your wire. I kinda had to help it keep it's shape and size by squeezing the wire together, then start threading the coils onto the wire.

With as many on as you choose, create a loop in the opposite end of the wire also... and, truly, that's it! Spend a bit of time threading the coils throughout the bracelet and squeezing the whole bunch together again if you need.

It would also work well to used a tiny bit of super glue to keep the coils in place if you like- they did want to droop to one side of the bracelet when I was wearing it, but I was okay with it too :)

I'm excited to wear this to the movie when we go this weekend! And plenty of other occasions where I just want something a bit more sassy too!

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Now for some more awesome Divergent inspired creativity too-
I love how all of these gals ideas turned out!

Hopefully these ideas give you something fun to do and create in these last few days of waiting for the movie! I know I'm sure glad I didn't read the books earlier and had longer to wait to see it!
Thanks for being here and enjoy!



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