Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fast and Easy Gifts with Paper Pumpkin {and a giveaway!}

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Are there certain things that you just pretty much always seem to be inspired by? Maybe those are kinda what we call our "style," I guess :) Like I always seem to draw towards things that are rustic, bohemian, bright or bold colors. Or stamp projects! I'm taken with the look of paper crafts that have been created with stamps involved. I haven't spent much time at all stamping myself over the years for some strange reason, though. Bummer- I wish I was a much better stamper!

I recently got connected with Paper Pumpkin, a division of Stampin' Up, and felt like they really spoke to my "style." Paper Pumpkin is a monthly subscription service- they send a fun box full of everything you need to sit and create a great paper craft project or homemade card set, really just to have an easy dose of creativity. For the next couple of months, I'll be sharing how you can take your Paper Pumpkin box and quickly create a small gift! Plus, today I get to giveaway a box to one of you! 

This is specifically what was in the box I was sent this month. I love those great wood word cutouts! And wood combined with glitter- yes, please! Plus, arrow stamps?! See how even the glue dots and ink pads are included in the box- I seriously had to grab very, very little from my own stash to create with this box. I really wouldn't have needed to add anything at all had I not have wanted.

This kit is meant to create congrats and thank you cards, obviously, but I made a few super easy alterations and created the cute little gifts above with my cards and stamps...

I knew I first wanted to create around some mini bags of Lindor truffles I thought were cute and found at Dollar Tree awhile back. I just trimmed one of the cards to match the width of the truffle bag like above, then stamped and decorated just as I might've a full card...

The card size was just right for sitting over the top of the truffles, so I adhered it lightly on the front and back, then tried some colored twine around the whole thing- really the only part that I added of my own supplies.

I thought it turned out awfully cute! Mini types of things are always just charming, eh? :) I used the other other portion of that same card I'd trimmed for another version using the congrats wood cut- one card, two little gifts. I still have lots to give as actual cards as needed too.

On the blank back of these, there's space to personalize a note. There's been a number of times we've gone to watch performances for my stepsons and others, and I love having a little gift to give them afterwards. This 'Congrats' version would be perfect for just that :)

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I also whipped up this version, where I trimmed the bottom portions off a card from the Paper Pumpkin box across the width instead of up and down. Then I could attach it like a bag topper to anything- SO many types of treats and packaging would work for this gift option. :)

So, remember the giveaway part? You can win a box of your own to see just how easy it is to create, be it a card or a bit of decor, or a quick and simple gift like these... most of these entry options, you likely already have on tap, so it'll be quick to enter- good luck!



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