Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring Welcome Sign Giveaway

Last time I posted a Spring project, it was pretty warm and clear around here. And now that I'm ready to share another (plus a giveaway!), it's of course snowing.

Painting bright pink and standing in three inches of slushy snow to take a a picture of your Spring Welcome sign= welcome to Idaho! Ha ha- gotta love it. :) It might be a bit early to expect that the snow won't still fall, but it's not too early at all to be creating for Spring!

I love these Welcome Sign kits that Wood Creations of Idaho Falls sells and today I get to give one away! Each season/ holiday they offer a new set of four pieces that hang from this one board....

It's fun to see what each new season's hangers will be- they are always really cute and full of detail!

You'll start with the wood kit itself, and papers/ ribbons from Wood Creations. Figure out which papers you want where if you're doing something different than the store example, and trace onto your papers before anything else.

Next paint your pieces. I like to apply my glitter (for the pieces that need it) while the paint is still wet- saves a step later.

While your paint is drying, cut out your paper pieces, making sure to stay well inside of the line you traced so it will fit nicely. Then use Mod Podge to stick the paper to the wood.

Chalk the edges next. I use dark chalk on all of my projects, but the colored chalks are really fun too- might have lightened up this project a bit :)

Some of the details pieces are hot glued on next to add dimension. I realized when this project was all done that I had forgotten to add a layer of Mod Podge to the top to finish it off-geez! It's not the end of the world, but if you do want it (probably helps it be a bit more full proof), add a top coat of Mod Podge before gluing these final pieces.

Then add ribbons and other finishing touches- this is my favorite part! Last comes the wires that hang each piece from the sign itself- Wood Creations has tons of fun colored wire.

I like to tie a big bow at the top of my sign itself... and hang it on my front door, of course! (Even if only for a photo shoot- I didn't feel like I could very well leave it there with snow on the ground) :/

Don't the little details make this so stinkin' cute?! I loved this little bird and kite :)

This is the exact kit that Wood Creations of Idaho Falls is giving away- this black vinyl 'Welcome' is was with come with the sign. I just cut my own vinyl at home since I prefer a more cursive style font. There are lots of adorable Spring kits in the store right now- these are some of my favorites yet!

Chicks Dig Me... love it! I would have totally put this one in the boys room when they were babies. Would be adorable for a boy baby shower :)

Several really fun St. Patricks Day crafts in the store too. I just chose a Spring option since there's not much time left. I loved this blessed one below, though...

And I couldn't help taking a picture of the whole store right now- it is so, so, so cute! It'll brighten your day just to walk in for sure! I love these umbrellas and streamers they've got hanging from the ceiling right now- wouldn't they be so cute for baby shower decorations?!

Anyhow, to enter to win the cute Welcome sign and Spring hangers to go on it, enter here in the Rafflecopter below and good luck! Most of the entries you've likely already done, so it'll be super quick :) I expect our snow will be gone again by the end of the day today, replaced with mud, but at least even that means I can keep this thing on the door very soon :)

And PS... for another chance to win a different Spring kit from Wood Creations of Idaho Falls, head over to my fellow Idaho blogger friend Fearlessly Creative Mamas! Plus, remember if you go into the store and tell them you read about them on Capital B, they'll automatically give you a 15% discount on your purchase!



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