Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Simple 80's Style Bracelet Made With Duck® Tape

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This last little while I've been getting ready to go to SNAP! Conference this weekend- a chance to connect with other bloggers and just have a little break while learning in the process :) One night of the event is an 80's dance party sponsored by Duck® Tape.

You might've already known, but my husband is ten years older than I am. He was graduating high school when I was in the second grade! Weird when you think of it in those time frames, eh? It's a good thing in our case, since I'm still more mature than he is- ha! ;)

Anyhow, he was a crazy teenager during the 80's...

Ha, ha! (and, believe it or not, my brother-in-law is also in this picture!). Anyhow, it goes without saying that he has the ability to give me some good (or maybe it's NOT so good) style prompts to get ready for the 80's shindig at SNAP. Crazy, but he says he really doesn't remember a lot of neon, and that everyone actually wore a lot of black. We've been searching for some inspiration photos and had some good laughs.

I knew I wanted to try and make some sort of accessory out of Duck® Tape since they are helping to host the party. My biggest inspiration came from the one and only Madonna...

Check out her jewelry! Yes, those are good ole' black jelly bracelets, but I didn't want to spend a fortune getting enough of them, plus, they're generally sized for five-year olds. I knew I could make something that would come clear up my lower arm like her bracelets do, just out of Duck® Tape instead!

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I actually quite like how it turned out! It's comfortable and really cheap to make. Should you ever need a little 80s style yourself, start with a long strip of tape- as long as you think you can manage...

Fold it in half, sticky sides together starting at one end and working slowly toward the other. Combine several long pieces like below to get a huge strand for wrapping around your arm...

Use a hole punch to punch holes every couple of inches along your entire strand. It's true, the only hole punch in my entire house is my Big Bite :)

Attach metal fasteners (found in the office supplies) through each hole, other than the two holes on both ends of your tape strand.

With the fasteners all attached, tear or cut small pieces of Duck® Tape to cover the backs like above. This below is what I had when it was ready to be put on- a big long piece!

Create a bracelet by holding one end with your thumb and wrapping with the fasteners facing up around your whole forearm. I kinda had to adjust and move it as I went. Close it together by matching the two end holes up and adding a fastener through both. Adjust until it's comfortable and looks the way you want...

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Maybe not jelly bracelets and spikes or chains, but I think it say "80's style" loud and clear none the less! I haven't decided yet if I'll whip up a second one so both arms are the same yet or not. I might just wear the Dauntless Inspired wire bracelet I made not too long ago on the other arm instead :) I'll make sure to share pictures of my blogger friends and I's 80s costumes while we're there! Enjoy if you make one yourself!

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