Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Creamy Yellow Cake Bars {Quick and Easy Recipe}

Delicious Creamy Yellow Cake Mix Bars-so easy!
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Quite a few years ago I first made these yummy cake mix bars for my family and just recently made them again. Why I haven't shared on the blog before I'm not sure- this one is a definite keeper!

 These are really simple and fast... and really creamy and yummy. I think I first started making these when I was scrambling to make the few ingredients I had in the cupboard work (ya know, like I pretty much always seem to have to do) :)

First combine crust ingredients and press into the pan...

Then mix and spread the creamy portion on top (as always, pretty much anything with cream cheese involved is a winner in my book!)...

Just out of the oven- the crust stays really soft and the top just the right gooey-ness! I know, not a word.. oh well!

Quick and Easy Creamy Yellow Cake Mix Bars- sounds so yummy!
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Grab the recipe card at the top of this post by clicking, then right click and save, copy into your word program and print! These are a yummy treat that's a nice change from the norm and takes really simple, have-on-hand kinds of ingredients- ENJOY!



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