Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dressing my Truth with the Inspiring Carol Tuttle

Thanks to Dressing Your Truth for sponsoring this post.

Don't get me wrong, I've buzzed in to town in my stretch pants once or twice. ;) And if I'm not going anywhere that day, you'll find me in a ponytail and one of my husband's t-shirts. But, otherwise, I really don't like feeling un-done. I don't put any great length of time into my clothes, make up or hair generally, but I do make sure to put enough that I feel decent about how I look when I leave the house.

The thing of it is, I honestly have never been really taught just what to wear or how to do my makeup. I've just kinda adapted and tried things over the years. When I had the chance to check out an online program called Dressing Your Truth™, I was intrigued and decided that I'd give it a try and hopefully learn something that would be worth sharing.

And then, I got the book in the mail...

.. and, oh my goodness, that's Carol Tuttle. My Mom has talked about her for years and I have her book Remembering Wholeness. I've already really enjoyed and resonated with this awesome lady and her expertise regarding emotional healing and wellness- I knew I was going to love this program! Knowing it was Carol behind all of it, I couldn't wait to dive in.

Dressing Your Truth™ is an online course that helps you better identify your true nature and style yourself accordingly. Really feeling good and looking your best is more than just buying what you like the look of on the hanger- who knew! There are colors, fabrics, textures, shapes and more that are better connected to you and, thus, help you to look and feel your best naturally- wow! I love this whole concept! Take it out of my generally inept hands and give me a more accurate scope of choice when it comes to fashion= awesome :)

As part of the intro to the course, which is a series of brief and insightful videos, Carol said several things that struck me:

"Don't think about who you SHOULD be, consider who you ARE."

"Personality can be tainted... it's not the truest measurement of who we are."  

"Nature shows us how to live honestly."

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I was enthralled listening to Carol explain and relay stories relative to each of the four different Energy Types that are part of this program. Of course, I was trying to figure out just which one I was the whole time. And I was a little torn- there were two of them that I thought I could probably fit in to!

But she kept giving more specifics and sharing more helps, reviewing each type until I felt really good about finally making a choice. Once I'd decided, it all just feel so right! It resonated and helped me feel empowered instead of haphazard when it comes to getting dressed- ha, novel idea!

Even if you find it a little tough to determine your type or have any needs for support throughout, Dressing Your Truth includes a great forum- somewhere you can turn for help without seeming "out there!" :)

So... that picture of me at the top of this post? That was me the very day I went through the course- dressed in black, with my hair blown more straight. Ever since then I've been trying to do a little better at dressing my truth:

Clearly, I really haven't gotten any better at selfies- bleh, not my forte! I only took these ones for the sake of some show and tell in sharing this post! :)

One of my very favorite parts of the online course was on how to style my curly hair. Those tips have changed the way I style my hair forever, for the better!

Right at the same time as going through this course, I also got in on a great sale on my favorite earrings from Hoopla Earrings! I knew these pretty, silver ovals would become new favorites- they are just right for my type! Dressing Your Truth also has an awesome online store- I really enjoyed browsing through and can't wait to try some of their hair products :)

And, is it just me, or are my nude lips kinda bluish gray looking?! I obviously gotta get on the lipstick bandwagon! :)

As soon as I selected my type, without having to enter any additional information at all, I was alerted that I would be sent some more Dressing Your Truth resources for living this program. And, indeed, just a few days following, I received a great little guide in the mail that I can use to help me put together outfits and shop through the future.  

The things I've learned from Carol Tuttle and all throughout Dressing Your Truth I know I will never forget- all of it will continue to help me look and feel better as time goes on. What Type might you be? What are the colors, shapes and fabrics of your truth? I know this course can help anyone that might want a little genuine help in the fashion department like I did! Enjoy!

You can also connect with Dressing Your Truth on social media- you'll love the great insights Carol shares!



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