Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Neon Back-to-School Teacher Gift Tags

Truth: About this time every summer, I dig my heels in deep.

I'm not ready to acknowledge that my beloved summertime is coming to an end. I love school shopping with the boys and stocking up on perfect boxes of crayons. But I love hitting the lake and sitting beside our little blow-up pool while the boys play far more. That feel of the sun soaking into my skin and just the general, more laid-back goodness of summer... it never lasts long enough.

Still... my resistant heels and heart can't stop it. It's Back to School time, I know it is. So, I've agreed to participate in my sweet friend Emily from The Benson Street's Back to School Series this month. I picked a day at the end of July, of course... so I could hold out that little bit longer ;) 

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Since Coop has started school, we've put together a simple little gift for him to give his teacher on back to school night, when he drops off his school supplies and gets to see his new classroom for the first time. This year Ryder, my baby, is joining him and starting kindergarten... I really just can't think too much about that... I'm just glad it's only for half of the day! :)

Anyhow, this year again, they helped me pick out something fun to give their new teachers. We chose these cheap sunglasses from Target and I whipped up these fun neon tags to go with. I've been loving neon colors this summer! To add the tags, I used a few ribbons from my Ribbon Retreat grab bag- that thing has come in so handy so many times!

Cooper and Ry both added their own notes to the back of the tags- my favorite part. I'll forever think kids' handwriting is the most adorable thing ever :)

If you could use a super inexpensive and simple teacher gift for your little ones going back to school soon (but not too soon) also, then print a one page sheet of all five neon color variations HERE! 

Enjoy- and check out the other back to school idea's in this series below!



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